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When out of power (electricity supply and power bank), your phone’s battery becomes your biggest consideration in your smart phone. The fear of it draining quickly makes you turn-off/disable some necessary features e.g. reducing screen brightness, turning-off data and WI-FI connection, killing background apps, etc. so as to make it last a little longer.

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But do you actually think those are the only features that are responsible for fast battery discharge?

To the average smart phone users, the answer is YES.

But in reality, the answer is NO.

Read along as we unveil some things you never noticed that drains your phone's battery

1. App lockers: Any app that locks or secure another app drains your phones battery well. This is because for the app locker to be effective and work well, it will always run in the background just see if a user wants to access the locked app. And if a user wants to access the locked app, the app locker will then pop-up asking the user to input a password, pin or pattern before permission will be given to that user. But if the app locker is not running in the background, then the locked app can be accessed without inputting a password, pin or pattern.

2. Ads-supported apps: These are free downloaded apps that display ads one your phone when your phone is connected to data (mobile data or WI-FI connection) even when you are not browsing. They also tends to slow down your INTERNET connection.

3. Live wallpapers: Live wallpapers takes processor’s space and memory which will also account for a huge battery level. Because they are live, they always run in the background competing with other apps for processor and memory.4. Heat:This is what kills your battery the most, the heat generated affect notonly the battery but also the hardware’s in the phone. Sometimes the phone prompts a warning or even shutdown when it detect high temperature.

5. Vibration: I guess you don’t need to be told how vibration drains battery right? Yeah, cause it takes a lot of power to make the vibrate.
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