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Just be yourself!
I usually hear ‘Good things come to those that wait”. Not this time bro, Good things come to those that act.

If for any reason they don’t work on the girl of your dreams, and she still friendzones or ignores you, dude, cut your losses, and move on…Haven’t you heard of ”there are plenty fishes in the ocean”? ‎

1. Keep the phone calls short.

When you first start dating a girl or getting to know her, don’t hang on the phone talking with her for hours at a time, discussing weather, NEPA, or her favourite size of indomie (small, medium or hungryman) . If you do, you’ll be indirectly communicating to her that you have nothing else better to do. That you’re boring, sedentary, and don’t have much of a life.

Yes, you may enjoy the conversations with her and getting to know her better. And she may seem to enjoy them as well. But you’ll be doing much more damage to your budding relationship than good. Subconsciously, she’ll be classifying you as a NO-LIFER.

Remember, this girl is looking for someone who will make her life more interesting. It’s better to be perceived as someone who is busy, who does things, who has an interesting and exciting life. Three to Five minutes on the phone may be okay. (One to Two for students..LOL!) Ten minutes is really pushing it Bro.‎

Remember: peak her curiosity about you, make the call short, make a date to see her, then hang up the phone and discuss everything you want during the physical date even if it’s How Messi is 100 times better than Ronaldo (Fact!) ‎

‎‎ Keep it short,sweet and simple.

2. Never say nothing.

Whenever a girls calls and asks you what you’re doing… never say “nothing”.

Always be doing something interesting, or just getting back from doing something interesting, or getting ready to go do something interesting “in a few minutes”.

Even If it means you saying you are reading an article online or an e-book on your phone when we both know you are lying down on your bed, scratching your hairy balls and chatting with her alone (Pls never use your Smart phone for only chatting, alongside you can actually read e books, career tips, news, job applications, etc on your phone while chatting).

Never say nothing! If you are a working class guy, all the better, this tip is generally for the students (because they constitute a larger percentage of those in the notorious friendzone)

3. The ‘K’ factor.

It is usually expected that when chatting with a girl you just met and intend to score, she replies some of your messages with K. Personally, once you reply me with K, the chat ends. I will never initiate conversation again until you do.

However, if I am in a good mood ( which happens rarely) I reply you with J. If you are silly enough to ask what that means, I simply tell you that I thought we were reciting the alphabets. This usually sparks either of two reactions. She gets angry and ignores you, or she laughs.

If she laughs, better for you. Humor covers a multitude of sins. Laughing is an aphrodisiac. Learn to be funny, in a not too (seeking for attention kind of way) if she gets angry and ignores you, move on bro, or do you really want to date Hitler’s daughter?

4. Abbreviations and short messages.

Girls have been known to initiate conversations with unnecessary abbreviations and typing short messages like Gd am, Sup, mornin, aii, etc. The rule that works for me is, go a bit less.
Some people might not see this as bad, but trust me, this same girl has a guy on her list who she sends a thousand words to at once, and the guy replies with Ok.

Please, Be that Guy!


If she types mornin, I reply with morn.

Gd am, I reply with am.

If she types a sentence with 5 words, reply with 4, If she types 3 words, reply with two.

Point is, whatever abbreviation or short sentences a girl gives, your answer should be shorter. If I am in a good mood, which I don’t need to remind you happens rarely, I add a bit of humor to it. If she types Sup?

I reply with either egusi, banga or ogbono. Usually they ask what’s that, and I reply, I thought you meant soup, so I was telling you the soup I just ate.

NB# Never reply twice, until you get a reply to your last message. It’s chatting (i.e between two people) Not you defending your project!

Some guys type 5 sentences when she’s not even replied the first and yet wonder why the only time they’ve seen the girls undies is when they visited her and used her rest room where she hangs them (for students).

Friendzone na bast**d.

5. Delayed Replies.

Nice guys, when you are chatting with a girl you just met, and she seems to be too busy to reply your messages when we both know she’s giving you the new guy ‘I am busy treat’. Just relax and study the chat. Check the reply frequency. Some girls wait as much a 30 minutes and some even a whole day before replying you.

Meanwhile, when you met them in the bus, class (for students), office or even church, they couldn’t keep thier hands off thier fone!

Solo, abeg when she delays, look at the time difference, she used in replying you, multiply it by two, chat with other friends, then reply her when you are sure you have exceeded her delay by a hundred percent. I.e (x2) of the time it took her to reply you. Nuff said!
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